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The making of books, the teaching of bookbinding and the association with other bookbinders and book artists has become the focus and passion of my life. Bookbinding has many aspects and we debate a lot about the precise definitions of various aspects but, working with our hands within this discipline, challenging our skills and creativity is intriguing, frustrating and exciting.
Sydney Bookbinding

As we are now part of Amazing Paper I share with you some uses for our beautiful Chiyogami, Himalayan and decorative papers.

We use then in bookbinding for endpapers, decorative panels and sometimes as separator pages to create interest throughout a book text. People creating Artists’ Books sometimes use them throughout their creations as collage pieces, tabs and separators. Here they act as an ‘echo’ giving the eye delight throughout the ‘text’ area.

However, there are other great uses by different artists and crafts people. Here are a few examples from our  shop – card-making, paper jewelry, invitations, promotional cards such as gift vouchers, packaging and Origami.  They hopefully will inspire you try some yourself. Yes, we have origami packs in the  shop and I will put  them on the website very soon. Hope you like the beautiful bands of Chiyogami around an order Kevin is about to send to a customer who does invitations – they will love it as they are very aware of the potential of an addition of something beautiful like a wrap of these papers.

There are many other uses. Collage, printmaking, backdrops for photography and lots more. Some techniques use the plain Kozo papers –  thin repair tissue pasted and crinkles over collage or photographic images to distort and give a texture. The thicker Kozo to laminate silks and  thin papers onto in order to create decorative panels and  endpapers for books and artworks. Lots of fun can be had experimenting.

If you create interesting pieces of art or craft with these papers please send us an image and let us promote your work. Send it directly to my email – rosemarie@sydneybookbinding.com

I am inspired to offer some workshops playing and experimenting with different techniques using these papers. Please let me know if you would  be interested. Workshops are held on weekends, usually Saturdays but any new ones will not be until later in the year.


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Sydney Bookbinding
Sydney Bookbinding