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The making of books, the teaching of bookbinding and the association with other bookbinders and book artists has become the focus and passion of my life. Bookbinding has many aspects and we debate a lot about the precise definitions of various aspects but, working with our hands within this discipline, challenging our skills and creativity is intriguing, frustrating and exciting.
Sydney Bookbinding

Marking day – 25th January

As you are to present your final two books for marking on the 25th January it is important that you display your books clearly and well.

Perhaps a sheet of white paper to display your work on and your name (as per the attendance roll) plus student number to be clearly displayed with your work.

The Concertina is to be presented in an open position. I will be checking that it stands securely and closes fully between protective covers. Have the samples you created shown behind this structure.

Some technical points that are part of your marks -

  • The concertina opens and closes easily
  • Covers and Concertina stand securely at the base.
  • Covers are sanded and well covered – no gaps at the corners.
  • Some designing on the covers to relate them to the ‘theme’ of your Concertina.
  • Concertina is securely attached to the covers and a suitable lining is attached to the covers.
  • Both sides of  the Concertina are worked (if this format) and, if a flag book, the action of opening reveals a different design but related to the front side.
  • Designing to give a ‘progression’ in theme or surface effect should be attempted.

The Longstitch is to presented in a standing position. I will open it to check flexibility of the covers, suitability of cover and spine size, cover lining and stitching of sections. The sequential presentation of your ‘story’ is important plus the working of the pages to create interest. Have samples you created shown behind this book.

Some technical points that are part of your marks -

  • Covers are sanded and cover cloth neatly turned in at the corners.
  • Covers have a suitable ‘square’ and the book stands straight.
  • Cover design is related to the content enclosed.
  • Spine stitching is firm and perhaps worked into a design.
  • Lining of covers suitable and smooth.
  • Content is interesting in the way you have worked the pages – both sides – plus they are sequential according to your ‘story’.
Your Oriental book has been marked but include it in your display.
I will photograph your work to allow me to take my time assessing and marking your work.
I look forward to seeing you all, and your work, on the 25th.
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Sydney Bookbinding
Sydney Bookbinding