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Welcome to my Bookbinding Blog

The making of books, the teaching of bookbinding and the association with other bookbinders and book artists has become the focus and passion of my life. Bookbinding has many aspects and we debate a lot about the precise definitions of various aspects but, working with our hands within this discipline, challenging our skills and creativity is intriguing, frustrating and exciting.
Sydney Bookbinding
Sydney Bookbinding

What is required for our 3rd day

Oriental binding of students work
Oriental stitching - book open well

Oriental stitching - book open well

Tomorrow is the day you work on you first book. If you are still designing and making decisions then bring the samples you have been trying out. We can perhaps spend the first part of the class time checking your ideas and samples. But, the second half should be actually working on the book you will submit.

I will need you to have all the materials you require – papers for internal pages, card for covers plus any inclusions, illustrations etc you need to tell your story.

So get cracking, /this is the last day I can assist you for this first project.

Look forward to see you all again tomorrow.

Oriental binding with interesting cover design.Oriental binding of students work
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Sydney Bookbinding

Coptic Christmas Notebooks

Helens Coptic gift books
Spine stitching of Coptic notebooks

Spine stitching of Coptic notebooks

  Helen's Coptic notebooks
Coptic notebooks


Helen has made Coptic notebooks as gifts for her family.

They are of folded kraft paper but with interesting endpapers and coloured cloths from our Duo range. These cloths have a texture that is a little like a fabric and the colours are quite rich.

The stitching across the spine is in black thread and everything went well in the making of these notebooks.

Coptic is a very popular binding style as it open fully in the round if required to show details of the content. It is often used for Artists’ Books

Well done Helen.

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Sydney Bookbinding

I am now painting again

Sunset reflected on Cliff
Sunset reflacted on cliff

Sun reflected on cliffs






Life Giving Forces

Life Giving Force.

I have gone back to painting. I painted quite seriously for the first part of my life then discovered bookbinding.

cycle of Life

Cycle of Life

This meant I had to study bookbinding to become proficient in this demanding and fascinating activity. This took several years and then I was busy honing my skills and enjoying teaching it.

However, there was always the lurking desire to get back to painting some time. I have a lovely painter neighbour and with her prodding I have set up my studio and try to get a session of painting done each day. Life is good when I can paint in the mornings and bookbind in the afternoons.

I share with you some of my watercolours – the medium I have enjoyed working in for a long time. My inspiration is generally  nature – with some geometric shapes creeping in. I do not control the images too much, let them develop as I respond spontaneously – if the geometric shapes appear so be it – what they mean I am not sure. Perhaps my desire to link man with nature.

Hope you enjoy this new blog inclusion.

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Sydney Bookbinding

2017 Move and more

Oriental stitched notebook

This year has seen both the bindery and Amazing Paper move to our home in St Peters. This was made necessary as we were given notice at the Marrickville address and my recent health issues needed Kevin to be home with me.

It is all working out quite well and, as I adjust to my treatment, I am feeling much better and getting some work done.

If you are tempted I am giving a special workshop for Waverly Council next Saturday – 11.30 to 2.30 pm. Here are the details for you to book if interested -

It links to this eventbrite listing for ticket sales.


Oriental stitched notebook

Beautiful papers and simple stitching makes a lovely notebook

The book you will make is fully done ready to use of give as a special gift. This book  is one I make myself as it is easy, can be decorated in many interesting ways and always well received.

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Sydney Bookbinding

Street Poet’s book for sale

Neil's handbound book
Neil's handbound book

Leather handbound street poet's book for sale

I have had the honour of hand binding a series of books of poetry for our local street poet.

He has a mental condition and is working with great courage to control it and give real meaning to his life. He does  not want sympathy or to be a burden to anyone. I greatly admire him as a person.

Not only have I bound these books to his specifications but he is too senisitive or  embarassed to offer them for sale – althoough he desperately needs money to continue. So we encourage you to consider purchasing one – price $130.00

Neil's poems against beautiful photographs

Neil's poems on beautiful backgrounds.

If interrested contact me directly on –  sydneybookbinding21@gmail.com     before he just gives them away in his generosity to people he knows.

A huge story behind their writing, production and him walking all over Sydney to offer his poems.

Of coourse I welcome your comments and  enquiries.

Neil at his desk writing his very positive and sincere poems

Neil at his desk writing his poetry. Our corrageous street poet.

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Sydney Bookbinding