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The making of books, the teaching of bookbinding and the association with other bookbinders and book artists has become the focus and passion of my life. Bookbinding has many aspects and we debate a lot about the precise definitions of various aspects but, working with our hands within this discipline, challenging our skills and creativity is intriguing, frustrating and exciting.
Sydney Bookbinding

Lacunose technique with leather pieces

These images show our first class exploring this technique with pieces of coloured leather. We are yet to complete the designs onto covers that will be for a Simplified binding. This style of binding allows the covers to be made separately and attached to the spine ‘cap’ of the book. Our books are already stitched with the spine ‘caps’ attached.

The first images show students using the Brockman machine to thin their pieces of leather. The pieces are attached to a base paper, sanded to create an interesting surface. Finally they will be cut to desired shapes, attached to the leather for the covers and the books then can be completed. One of the students, Penny, had fun adding lines and dots in gold foil to her panel.  The second last image show a completed book and slip case as a first attempt with this technique. The book is covered with bookcloth with a recessed area for the decorative panel. The final image is a book I bound a little time ago with the Lacunose panel at the base.

This technique was taught to me by Paul Delrue (Rithin, Wales) during my visit last year when attending a bookbinding conference.

I am heading to Wanaka, New Zealand, in a few weeks time to teach this technique at the Wanaka Autumn School. I am sure we will have some interesting results.

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Sydney Bookbinding
Sydney Bookbinding